Air Conditioning Doctors provides sales, service, installation on all makes and models of heater or air conditioner that is available in the United States. We sell A/C and Heat Pump units ranging from a standard 14 SEER to a Super high efficient 20+ seer. Some brands, only go up to 14 SEER . The furnaces we sell range from 80% gas efficient to 90+ gas efficient and come with a range of different types of gas controls and blowers.

Seer and efficiency, What Is That?

Basically, Seer is an efficiency measurement that is similar to miles per gallon for cars. The higher this number, the more energy efficient the system is. The amount of cooling your equipment delivers per every dollar spent on electricity. The higher the number the lower the operating cost (not more cooling.)
All of the equipment we sell comes with at least a 1 year full limited warranty however, the upgraded systems come with up to a full 10 year limited warranty. Most of our equipment does have optional extended warranties.
We do also offer a variety of options to add on to your HVAC system such as: Humidifiers, Electronic air cleaners, Media style air cleaners,Electronic thermostats, UV lights, Dual fuel controls and Service contracts.