Energy Prices are On the Rise.

Lower Your Energy Bill NOW. Industry experts say current energy shortages could get much worse before they get better. Here are eight tips that may save you 20% or MORE on your monthly heating bill.

1. Install a Programmable Setback Thermostat.

You can save up to 20% by replacing your old thermostat with a Programmable Setback Thermostat. Money magazine says this is the number one way to save on energy bills. A Programmable Setback Thermostat can easily be set to efficiently warm and cool the house, based on your needs.

2. Set your Thermostat back 3 Degrees.

If a Programmable Thermostat isn't an option, set the thermostat back 3 degrees. This can reduce your annual heating bills by as much as 5%.

3. Seal Leaky Duct Work.

The most cost-effective energy improvement is sealing leaky duct work. A study in Arkansas of 18 houses, found that repairing leaky ducts saved an average of 21.8% on energy bills. Additionally, by making necessary repairs, the long term need for maintenance was reduced by allowing the heating system to operate as designed.

4. Insulate and Seal Duct Work that Runs Through the Attic, Garage, or Crawl Space.

Duct work running through an attic, garage or crawl space can waste up to 20% of the heat your furnace produces. Make sure the ducts are insulated and the joints are sealed with mastic - not just duct tape.

5. Seal Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors.

Leaks around windows and doors can account for 30% or more of a home's heating and cooling costs. Leaks will also increase the amount of dust, insects, rodents, moisture and noise in your house. By sealing the leaks, you can significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs, improve building durability and create a healthier environment. Common air sealing materials are weather stripping, polyethylene plastic, spray foam, and caulk. These items can be purchased at your local hardware store.

6. Have Your Ducts Cleaned.

A layer of dirt about the thickness of a needle (.042 inches) is all it takes to decrease the performance of your heating and cooling system by up to 20%. Unwanted repair costs can also occur as the dirt blocks heat transfer causing fan motors to run hot, lubrication to break down, and equipment life to shorten.

7. Install a Whole House Humidifier.

Increasing Humidity can make a home feel up to 3 degrees warmer. Winter air is dryer than desert air! The Sahara Desert has an average humidity of 25%. Dry winter air lowers the average humidity in homes to 10-15%. That's 10-15% dryer than the Sahara Desert! Humidity levels in your home directly affect your comfort. Most people are comfortable at 30-50% relative humidity. A whole home humidifier can keep your air in the comfort range and out of the desert.

8. A New Furnace Can Pay for itself in a few short years.

You may be spending almost twice as much to heat your home with an old furnace. Your old furnace may have an efficiency rating of 50% or less. Today's furnaces have efficiency ratings around 90%. A 90% efficiency rating means that for every dollar you spend on gas, 90 cents of that is turned into actual heat. Huge advances in heating and ventilation technology can quickly make a new furnace pay for itself.

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